Gaffs & Panties

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Crossdressing gaffs are essential pieces of underwear that every transsexual girl needs to have in her drawer. Hiding gaff panties are used not only for body shaping, but also to disguise men’s bulge and flatten the front genitalia area, so you can be more confident when wearing pants, skirts and dresses. You don’t want to have a weird bulge ruining your feminine looks while wearing a beautiful dress.

Every hiding gaff has to be strong enough to pull the genitals back and flatten the front side, while at the same time being comfortable. That’s why our gaffs are designed with comfort in mind with the layered front side. You can wear them every day without feeling any discomfort. Match your outfit by choosing from a variety of different materials, colors and styles such as thongs, panty and bikini back gaffs and much more. A broad range of sizes is available to fit most transsexual girls.