Closed Toe Mid Heel Shoes for MtF Crossdressers

$70.00 $49.99

  • Elegant and stylish mid heel size of only 4.5 cm
  • Choose from black, beige, brown and pink colors to match your outfit style ideally
  • We offer a wide range of sizes: from 4 to  12 (US sizing standards)

Product description

This model is for all tall crossdresssers that avoid wearing high heel shoes because they are already very tall. If you are looking for highly comfortable mid heel shoes than look no further.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have adjustable ankle strap or buckle, however we tried to make it as universal as possible. That is why we recommend that you measure your foot size prior to ordering. Take a look at our sizing chart at the top to see if this model fits your foot width and length.

If you feel the shoe is too large, then you can solve that problem just by inserting another insole.

This model is perfect for casual occasions.

Width is 7 cm

Height is 4.5 cm


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