2018 High-Heeled Spring/Autumn Pumps for TG Ladies

$60.00 $49.99

  • Extremely high platform and heel height: Platform is 8 cm and heel is 16 cm
  • Made out of stylish PU leather in dark blue, red and black color
  • Available in wide range of sizes: from 4 to 13 (as per US shoe sizing standards)

Product description

Lets face it girls, when it comes to shoes, there is nothing more attractive then a pair of leather, high platform and high heel shoes. It makes your appearance instantly more feminine and legs much more attractive. Whether you are looking for shoes for outdoor or indoor wear, this model is perfect. This is because, it is very comfortable for walking (hard to believe, but true!) while at the same time being very seductive and sexy. However, in order to avoid injuries, we recommend that you get experience in shoes with a bit less steepness and then move on to this model. Heels are very high, making these shoes very unstable for inexperienced crossdressers. Before proceeding with the order, please measure your foot and refer to sizing chart to find the perfect size. Bare in mind that we do offer plus sizes with different widths to suit even the most demanding large foot crossdressers, just hit us up and we’ll let you know if we currently have them in stock.


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