Men’s Hiding Gaff Cushion for MtF Crossdressers


  • Hide your male genitals with gaff cushion for crossdressers
  • Choose between black and beige color to fit your panties
  • Instantly make your genital area look like real vagina

Product description

Male genital area is a big problem for many male to female crossdressers. You just bought your new tight dress but weird bulge below your torso is ruining the whole appearance. Luckily there is an easy and comfortable solution to hide your penis and fit into tight dresses just like every girl. Use our hiding gaff cushion. It is very easy to use, just place it in your underwear panties and position it correctly so it feels comfortable and looks right.

Choose black color if you are wearing underwear that is not transparent. Otherwise, if you are wearing transparent or any light color underwear such as white, then go for nude beige color.

One size fits all!

Length: 14.5 cm

Widest part: 8 cm



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