Plus Size Nightgown Floor Length Party Dress for Ladies


  • Evening dress for plus size ladies and male to female crossdressers
  • Currently we have the following colors: blue, red, black, navy blue, dark red
  • Wide range of sizes and dress customization is available

Product description

If you are a plus size lady or a crossdresser with masculine body then this model of nightgown might be the right choice for you. How many times have you found an amazing looking dress only to find out that your size is not available. It is a nightmare for us crossdressers to find stylish piece of clothing that fits perfectly. Here at CrossdressAvenue we strive to offer all possible sizes and customization.

The sizes that we always have available range from 2 all the way up to 20W (US standards).

Measure your hips, waist, height and shoulders and then take a look at the sizing chart.

If you con’t fit in any of the offered sizes, then please contact us so we can discuss manufacturing custom dress for your body proportions.


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