Seamless Butt & Hip Enhancing Underwear for Crossdressers


  • Instantly increase your buttock size and make your hips wider
  • Get an hourglass figure in any clothing
  • Highly comfortable and elastic materials: 90% nylon and 10% spandex

Product description

Do you want to make your butt bigger and hips wider without spending countless number of hours sweating in the gym? Do you have trouble with lower belly “going over the board” every time you wear tight clothing?

We present you 3 in 1 solution of newly designed padded panties. This piece of underwear makes your butt appear larger than it actually is, makes your hips wider to achieve feminine hourglass figure and ideal shoulder – waist – hip ratio, while at the same time flattening your belly. You see the problem with most padded panties and tight lingerie is that it makes everything bellow the belly fat very tight so that lower belly part turns out to appear bigger than it actually is.

This lingerie is designed with high waist so that smoothly transitions to the body just under your breasts, while making the tummy flat.

Choose between black and beige color.

All sizes available to fit most women and MtF crossdressers: M / L / XL

(please see the chart image above)

Wash it in a washing machine at 30C degrees.


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