Women’s Luxury Stainless Steel Wristwatch for Crossdressers


  • Stylish and luxury stainless steel watch for male to female crossdressers
  • Great for elegant outfit combinations such as dresses and gowns
  • Perfect for crossdressers who want to feminize hand appearance

Product description

You don’t have to break the bank every time you want to look stylish! This is one of many luxury watches that we offer here on CrossdressAvenue at a price you will love.

This elegant womens watch is made of stainless steel and its very lightweight, it weights only 45 grams.  Case size is 17.8 x 30 mm, so it won’t look large on your feminine hand.

Keep in mind that this watch is not waterproof, it is more appropriate to wear it with gowns and dresses instead of bikinis.


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