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Naturally, men’s feet are larger than women’s feet. This is one of the biggest problems male to female crossdressers face when shopping for shoes.

Choose from our wide range of affordable crossdresser shoes that perfectly fit most MtF transsexual and crossdresser feet. Our sizes range up to 17, and come in different widths. Shoes have to be fashionable, comfortable yet visually make your feet appear smaller than it is. Usually, modern and stylish shoes can be found only in small sizes. Feet length reduction surgeries are very limited, risky and rare, so the only solution is to choose large-sized ladies' shoes.

Browse through this category to find carefully selected, beautiful and stylish women shoes for male feet. Check out our: high heels for men, pumps, drag queen heels, crossdresser boots, open toe footwear, flats, sandals, closed-toed shoes and much more.