Padded Girdle Panties and Silicone Hips for Crossdressers

Achieve an hourglass figure with our broad range of silicone hips and padded panties for crossdressers. There are a few body parts that can give you away when crossdressing from male to female. It is essential that you invest in high quality bodyshaping products to make your body look more feminine. To achieve feminine shoulder-waist-hip ratio you will need to work on your lower body parts. The easiest way to achieve this is by using padding garments such as self adhesive silicone hip pads and padded panties. If you don’t have a flat belly and you want to hide it then we suggest to take a look at girdle panties which will make your stomach narrower and give you more feminine hips and bottom. Silicone hips and girdle panties, corset and breast forms is all you need for a complete male to female transformation and amazing female body figure.

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